Commercial Sales

The Problem

There are thousands of things plugged into your building and more added every day. But did you know they consume 30-60% of your electricity and almost half of that is wasted but can be easily saved?  We’re talking about all of the vampire-load, always-on, or whatever you want to call it.  It's the stuff that is always consuming energy even when it's not being used.

Of course, you could tell everyone to “unplug” their workstations at the end of the day…or GOEFERit instead.


Every building, company, or employee is different.  And we knew for this to work, GOEFER had to be adaptable, easy to use, and provide simple savings and ongoing value.  When you plug into GOEFER you enjoy savings, insight, and control over the technology you already use. 

How It Works

Switch out your dumb and costly powerstrips or surge protectors with GOEFER Advanced Powerstrips w/surge protection. Set up your GOEFER Account where it’ll walk you through how to connect them to your WiFi network.  We offer private mesh networks if needed.  Okay, at this point you’ll have a choice.  You can either input everyone’s name and what is plugged in or have the employees download the GOEFER app and do your job for you and save even more money.  The app also supports notifications and conservation games and more.  Next, use your customized GOEFER Portal to see real-time energy trends, run energy reports, or set control schedules (unplug and plug back in) or let the apps do that for you also.           

See how easy it is to install and use - GOEFERit!

Why Stop at Savings

What if IT wanted to swamp out monitors?  What if management wanted to know how often employees are at their desk?  What if procurement wanted to know how often the printers are being used?  What if facilities wanted to how much money the floor heaters were costing? 

Yep, your GOEFER Portal can answer those questions and more.  We think of the portal as an “Idea Fairy Playground” where you can run unlimited what-if scenarios before you spend money or make changes.

Don’t waste another second paying for the energy you didn’t use.  GOEFERit »