GOEFER Tiered Packages

Included in every package:

APP - Lifetime mobile app for all users. Includes the ability to control your electronic devices, understand energy usage and customize automatic schedules.

GEM - 24/7 Access to your cloud-based GOEFER Energy Manager dashboard either by computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Your whole building at a glance.

Do you believe in the savings, but still want to verify it’s happening from time to time? The Awareness Package is great for the busy customer who wants to save electricity, but has other things to worry about.

Quickly confirm your GOEFERs are okay and saving you money.

Current Watts
Complete and total energy usage by your electronic devices.

Watts Over Time
Watch in amazement as your employees’ or departments’ usage changes over time.

Monthly Cost
See how your plugload energy usage compares over the last few months.

Energy analysis conducted every hour on the hour.

Real-time energy data flow happening every hour on the hour.


Your whole building plus all of your users, departments, or buildings at a glance.

The Attentive Package is perfect if you are driven to save electricity, and are fascinated by how and where it’s being used. We figure you have a lot on your plate, but removing wasted energy and optimizing how it's used is always on your mind. Attentive includes everything in Awareness, but now you can take a deeper dive and look at individual users or departments. And if that isn’t enough we magnify the Resolution from every hour to every 15 minutes and speed up the Refresh rate to every 30 minutes.

Current Watts
Complete and total energy that is being used per category at the individual user or department level.

Watts Over Time
Geek out by knowing how much energy is being used and how it changes over time either by a single user or a whole department.

Daily Electrical Cost
Observe how your plugload energy usage changes day to day.


All that and “what / if” scenarios too.

WARNING!! The Ambitious package was specially designed for the obsessed and most strategically focused organizations. It's built for granularity, yet can easily handle large organizations and enterprises. It contains all of the value and benefits of Attentive, but enables you to run unlimited what / if scenarios. You can even run comparison analysis between users, departments, or buildings either by categories or time. With Ambitious you have access to an energy data Resolution at 5 minute intervals and GEM will Refresh its analysis every 5 minutes, always keeping you in the know.

Export Feature
It’s your data so why not download it for further analysis or reporting.

Create custom alerts so never have to worry.

Tag and notate anything that is interesting or worrisome.

Monthly Cost
See how your plugload energy usage compares over the last few months.

User Engagement
Incentivize and excite your users with app-based gamification.

Don’t worry, your data and information are as important to us as they are to you. So, we built protecting it right into our hardware, firmware, and software. Built across three platforms – mobile app and dashboard, firmware and encryption, machine learning backend – we securely provide insight and control to anything plugged into a GOEFER.