GOEFER Advanced Powerstrip

Some things in life are simply out of your hands. Your electronics don’t have to be one of those things. Plug control, savings and insight into your electronics with the GOEFER Advanced Powerstrip.

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Each port is customizable and adaptable – use 1 port or all 6, the GOEFER app puts you in control of your electrical life:

  • Control any connected devices as you see fit.
  • Gain insight into your electrical ecosystem.
  • Save electricity. Save some green. Save the world.

Some cool geeky stuff about the GOEFER Advanced Powerstrip:

  • Secure WiFi connection.
  • Dual-action surge protection (translation for those who don’t speak geek: our surge protection is sensor-based so each port is protected individually).
  • 3 USB charging ports for phones and tablets.
  • UL tested.
  • Free lifetime app, yep free.
  • 5 year warranty.


Type: Power-strip